Paul's passion for working on all facets of homes, apartments, and offices dates back 25 years. Interior “re-composition” OR “reinvigoration” is a very strong passion of his, and he uses this enthusiasm to apply his artistic gift. By helping others, Paul works to discover the inner calm of his clients, shifting energies that might be negative to positive within their personal surroundings. In turn, this enables his client to move onto their next endeavor.

Paul’s keen observation of a multitude of spaces over the years have led him to note that a person’s unique possessions were consistently hidden from view. Taking this into account, extracting these objects, Paul “re-composes” an interior without the added expense of purchasing new, unnecessary ‘things’ – everything is right there to be worked with, viewed and enjoyed by the owner.

The client’s inspiration is what drives Paul’s vision. Working together, Paul will bring out the best in one’s personal space as well as providing the necessary tools for his client’s personal, internal growth, removing unnecessary 'things' from your current home or move to a new home.

Paul’s calm, serene manner will make your transition much easier with a simple “re-composition” of your home or office or a major move to another place, that much easier.

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From cost effective home consultations, for those that require guidance but would prefer to do it themselves, to occupied or completely vacant homes that need furniture and accessory options, please review Paul’s pricing list to determine how he can provide additional furnishings and home improvement services in between.

Downsizing needs, Staging, Moving or Design?

Paul offers a wide variety of resolutions, from home improvements, property management and marketing services to work within your budget and to make your property market ready to maximize sales value or just to spruce it up.

Let Paul guide you through a seamless, non-stressful, discreet transition.