"I was frantic with my need for organization, it was just too much for me. Engaging Paul helped me get rid of excesses I didn't need. He also helped my mother, who was going through early onset dementia, organizing our home to effectively navigate this new stage of her/our lives. Now that I have another space to use, I need him again!"

            Sam Ward, Radio Personality/Commentator, Flagstaff

Paul is, without a doubt, my organizational guru. He has packed, unpacked, uncluttered, painted and set up numerous home’s for me with remarkable skill, speed and efficiency. He helped me purge 30 years worth of storage and kept me smiling through the entire process. He’s patient, aware, and dependable and in addition to having a great aesthetic sense, he also has the ability to intuit the varied needs of his client’s. I could not recommend him more highly. Every single experience I’ve had working with Paul has been not only a success but also a pleasure.
          Carishma Mehta
             Director and Founder of The Green Bean Organic Farm, New Delhi

"Paul's skills go far beyond event planning and his input was invaluable on many fronts. He brought core information about the 10,000 Crane's Association charity schedule to put our perspective into reality, proof enough of his value."

             Sono Osato,

                Contemporary Artist, Spacial Rehab LLC, NYC

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"Paul’s meticulous attention to detail is truly fascinating to observe. I have watched him deal with protocol for the United Nations Secretary-General, among others, and I was impressed."

             Ngozi Okaro, Africa-America Institute (AAI), New York

"in the 15 years I have known Paul, he has continually outshined all others in his ability to organize people, events and spaces.  Not only do I trust him implicitly, he has come to be one of my best friends and I could not recommend him more highly." 

​          Felicia Murray, Independent Photographer, New York

“Paul works quickly and holistically to transform living and working spaces into creative and productive, healthy environments.  I’ve not seen someone who can so completely rework space and environment in all senses of the terms.  His ability to intuit and explore the needs of his clients and transform those into living spaces is unparalleled.” 

         Sheila Anders, Vice President of the Sustainable Economic  

             Development Initiative of Northern Arizona University

Wondering what projects you are working on, with whom you are sharing drinks with and what cool homes and events you are exploring and most importantly what would Paul think of this purchase and would Paul think  " Le placement " I have chosen for such and such furniture or tableau is good!!!

            Clementine Mallet,

                Independent Fromage Specialist, Paris